Filling the Hole | Guest Post

Today's guest post is by author Fred Charles, who's also an incredible doodler! He has a relatable topic to discuss, creatives! Keep reading.  We all have a hole inside of us. It’s that feeling of emptiness, a longing for something that we can’t put our finger on. The hole makes us depressed and sometimes, we… Continue reading Filling the Hole | Guest Post

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Do You Know Anything About Health Anxiety?

Most of you might know Health Anxiety by its outdated title, "hypochondria". I don't blame people for misinterpreting this condition -- not even doctors are sure of why it happens, and that's fine. This "ghost illness" can be even more puzzling when it affects people on their twenties. People like me. Why would such a young… Continue reading Do You Know Anything About Health Anxiety?

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6 Movies That Explore Mental Disorders

This article I've written was originally posted at , the perfect source for fresh insights regarding the film industry, as well as screenwriting tips and support. Go check it out if you're a screenwriter or a movie freak! You won't regret it.   6 Movies That Explore Mental Disorders Living with a mental illness means… Continue reading 6 Movies That Explore Mental Disorders

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When Comparison Becomes Addiction – And How You Can Make It Go Away

Oftentimes when we speak of addiction, substance abuse comes to mind. Though it clearly does surround that practice, addiction is equally shown in different types of behaviors and thought patterns. Comparing ourselves to others has never been easier, owing to an abstract “perfection” buzz going on nowadays, in aspects ranging from money to self-fulfillment. But… Continue reading When Comparison Becomes Addiction – And How You Can Make It Go Away

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The Pursuit Of Dreams In Ephemeral Times

“Time is all about relativity”. I recall my high school teacher saying these exact words to the class as he debunked the meanings behind Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland. Moments may whoosh by while there’s a fair share of things to be accomplished in a short amount of time. That wacky White Rabbit was pretty… Continue reading The Pursuit Of Dreams In Ephemeral Times

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The Lack Of Self-Love And Its Side Effects

This has been a crazy competitive year so far. With Election Day looming here in Brazil, it’s fair to state that the last few months have been nothing but absolute, divided chaos. Nevertheless, the potential rise of a mysoginistic candidate has awoken the righteousness out of people! I mean it. Never in my 20 years… Continue reading The Lack Of Self-Love And Its Side Effects

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Hopeless Dreamers: The World Needs You

Back in the day, I used to have a healthy obsession over personality tests. I would spend hours at 16personalities and just revel in reading all of the types, whether they were accurate or not for some people. This fascination further fueled my belief on how singular every person is. I love how the little… Continue reading Hopeless Dreamers: The World Needs You

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A Bipolar Writer Guest Blog Spot

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

I have the honor today of sharing another guest blog post here on The Bipolar Writer blog. The bloggers name is Laila Resende and she is sharing a story here on my blog.

You can find her blog and her work here:


Growing up, I wasn’t familiar with the concept of mental illness. I would always spot my mother crying “for no reason,” or see a fair bit of pills on the kitchen counter and brush those off as natural occurrences. After all, if it happened on a daily basis, it should be normal.

As a child, I remember being my mother’s shadow – that’s what she used to call me. Often, I would cry myself to sleep at the thought of losing her. She used to be my refuge, her legs a hiding spot from strangers.

I was an introspective…

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