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6 Movies That Explore Mental Disorders

This article I've written was originally posted at , the perfect source for fresh insights regarding the film industry, as well as screenwriting tips and support. Go check it out if you're a screenwriter or a movie freak! You won't regret it.   6 Movies That Explore Mental Disorders Living with a mental illness means… Continue reading 6 Movies That Explore Mental Disorders

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Guest Post:

Hello! I woke up to a great surprise in my e-mail inbox today. My post had been published at Kathy Steinemann's blog. I felt particularly happy owing to my admiration towards this writer. She has written a wealth of books, among them The Writer's Lexicon, referred to as "the Bible of words". In the post,… Continue reading Guest Post:

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A Bipolar Writer Guest Blog Spot

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

I have the honor today of sharing another guest blog post here on The Bipolar Writer blog. The bloggers name is Laila Resende and she is sharing a story here on my blog.

You can find her blog and her work here:


Growing up, I wasn’t familiar with the concept of mental illness. I would always spot my mother crying “for no reason,” or see a fair bit of pills on the kitchen counter and brush those off as natural occurrences. After all, if it happened on a daily basis, it should be normal.

As a child, I remember being my mother’s shadow – that’s what she used to call me. Often, I would cry myself to sleep at the thought of losing her. She used to be my refuge, her legs a hiding spot from strangers.

I was an introspective…

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Guest Post: Live Before You Die

I've had the honor to write a post for Live Before You Die, a website that shares content on personal development. "LBYD (Live before you die) is a Personal Development Community blog which attempts to add meaning to life, through real life stories of Transformations, Courage, wisdom & Awakening."   In this post I will… Continue reading Guest Post: Live Before You Die