Filling the Hole | Guest Post

Today’s guest post is by author Fred Charles, who’s also an incredible doodler!
He has a relatable topic to discuss, creatives! Keep reading. 

fred charles

We all have a hole inside of us. It’s that feeling of emptiness, a longing for something that we can’t put our finger on. The hole makes us depressed and sometimes, we fill it with junk that makes us feel better, but the truth is, the hole is bottomless.

What is this hole?

For me, it’s my brain telling me that I need to create. My happiness and mental health are tied directly to my creative process. When I’m writing, I can keep a positive attitude, even during rough times. When I’m not writing,  I can barely get through the day; it’s as if a black cloud hovers over me.

See the equations below:

Fred – Creativity = Depression
Fred + Creativity = Bliss

Nothing makes me happier than burying myself in a creative project.  I can go for months, weathering all kinds of drama and strife as long as I have my novel to obsess over. But, once the project is completed, the depression will always return if I don’t have another project waiting in the wings.

Why are the two linked?

I think it gets down to having a purpose. When I’m writing, or painting, or making music, I’m living my authentic life. For me, depression is born from my yearning to make something. When I’m not creating, the world is a few shades grayer.

As creative people, we owe it to ourselves and world to make our art and release into the world. Wasting time by filling our brains with garbage keeps us from our calling and allows the hole to grow.

Trust me when I say this, no matter how large the hole inside of you might be, if you are following your calling and creating, you won’t even notice that it’s there.

Fred Charles writes experimental fiction and urban fantasy. You can find him at:


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