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Do You Know Anything About Health Anxiety?

Most of you might know Health Anxiety by its outdated title, “hypochondria”. I don’t blame people for misinterpreting this condition — not even doctors are sure of why it happens, and that’s fine.

This “ghost illness” can be even more puzzling when it affects people on their twenties. People like me. Why would such a young woman inspect each and every one of her heartbeats as if they were the last? Why fret when there’s a whole future ahead of her?

I wish I knew all the answers, but I don’t. For now, all I can do is cope and manage to live one minute at a time, because I can’t go a day without crippling worry. I have my own personal ways of dealing with varied fears, and I’m willing to share them with you.

I recently wrote an article for The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) , which explores the details of my Health Anxiety and how its presence made me comfortable with it.

If you want to learn more about this disorder or simply be assured that you’re not alone, just click the link above.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Know Anything About Health Anxiety?”

  1. Muito obgrigado for sharing your story, Laila. I could use your help. I have a family member who may be suffering from health anxiety. However, this person does not accept that the physical sensations (pains) are psychosomatic. So my question is this: how do we bring the person to even be willing to consider the possibility that their illness could be mental rather than purely physical?

    Tudo de bom pra voce!


    1. Hey Terence! That’s a good question. You know, one thing that has personally helped me in that department was actually sitting down and reading about this condition. Most health anxiety sufferers read about every disease but the one they should be concerned about — which is health anxiety. The right thing to do would be to rule out any medical issues. If your family member hasn’t been to the doctors yet, make sure they do and find the cause for the sensations/pains you mentioned. If there’s no medical reason for them to be worried, then tell them to look into health anxiety and its symptoms, because they may not be aware that this exists. Whenever I’m worried, I like visit this link:

      There, you’ll find hundreds of anxiety-related symptoms (including excruciating pain) and the proper explanation on why they happen. That may open up his mind a bit.
      Keep me updated and message me if you need anything else!
      Obrigada ❤


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