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Guest Post:


I woke up to a great surprise in my e-mail inbox today. My post had been published at Kathy Steinemann’s blog.

I felt particularly happy owing to my admiration towards this writer. She has written a wealth of books, among them The Writer’s Lexicon, referred to as “the Bible of words”.

In the post, I tackle the difficulties I’ve encountered following my mindful choice of becoming a writer myself, and I mention reasons why discouragement should not halt anyone in their tracks.

You can read the post here.

3 thoughts on “Guest Post:”

  1. Hi Laila, congratulations! I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with such negativity about your writing from others. I commend you for sticking with it and for speaking hope to other writers! I love how you include the line: “If you take your time to work on a piece that is meaningful in some way, you are a writer. You may be unpaid and/or unpublished, but you’re still doing credit to your craft.” – This is something I’ve been working on lately; calling myself a writer even though I’m unpublished. Accepting the label writer and believing it is true is very freeing and empowering.


    1. Trisha, hi! You know, we’re doing just the right thing. I think that’s what separates true writers from the praise hunters. We write for the passion, despite the difficulties. I’m glad you could resonate with it and grateful for your kind words ❤ sending love all the way from Brazil.

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